Download and purchase a license.

Install the program, use the free functionality, or purchase a license key and use all the functions

Install or use portable

For Windows 7 and above, required .NET 4.5.2

Current version 5.3.0
Download Portable

The trial period of 40 days is activated on the first launch

For the correct operation of the program with all applications, you must run it as an administrator.

License agreement

Buy a license key and use all the functions without restrictions

The license applies to all subsequent updates.

Free version

For non-commercial use only

PRO perpetual License

The license with unlimited validity, the price for one seat

PRO annual License

License validity is one year, price per seat

Increase the number of seats

Add additional seats to an existing annual or perpetual license

Features by Edition

  • Free version
    • Translator
    • Spell checker
    • For noncommercial use
  • PRO version
    • Translator
    • Translation history
    • Spell checker
    • Switching of keyboard layout
    • Autoswitching of keyboard layout
    • Layout indicator
    • Text recognizing (OCR)
    • Clipboard Manager
    • Snippets
    • Text entry diary
    • SmartClick
    • Text Converter


What does the acquisition of a license?

The license allows you to use the full functionality of the program without restrictions: The history of translation, The clipboard manager, The layout indicator, The diary entry text, SmartClick

Will the license work with the new version?

The license will be valid in all subsequent versions of the program. By default, all updates are installed automatically immediately after the release of a new version.

How can I get a license for free?

You can get the license for free if you spread information about the program in the Internet or translate the program interface into different languages, contact for full details via the feedback page.

How to transfer the license to another computer?

If you want to use the program on a new computer or reinstalled the system, then you need to simply insert the activation key and email into the corresponding field and click on the Activate button, deactivation and activation will occur automatically

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