Frequently Asked Questions

Description of the features of the software and help

Translations into the main window

Open the main window, type the text and click Translate
You can select the languages ​​of translation, and swap them by pressing


Win+Insert — activation and minimize the main window
Ctrl+Enter — the translation of the text
Esc — cleanup of text in the main window
F7 - spell checking the selection text

The translation of the selected text

Select necessary text in any application and click twice on the Ctrl button or press Win+S if you disable double tap on the Ctrl button.

The window will appear with the translation of the text

In this window you can choose a different translation, then the translated text will be updated.
You can also replace selected text on the translated text, copy the text, fix the window that was not closed.


F5 – the voice of the original text
F6 – the voice of the translated text
Tab+Ctrl – replace the text

The history of translations

The history of translations is available only in PRO mode.
To open the history press

Switching the layout of the last word

To change the layout of the last entered word double-click on the button Shift, also in the settings shown above, you can specify the alternative.
If you want to switch the layout for all the dialed string, double-click on the Insert button.

Switching the layout of the selected text

To change the layout of the selected text, press Ctrl+~.
To change the case of selected text, press Win +~.

Alternative methods of switching the layout

If necessary, you can define alternative ways of switching the layout.
When enabled the switch layout by CapsLock, the mode of capital letters is enabled by simultaneously pressing the right and left Shift.

Switching of the keyboard layout for specific language

In the settings you must enable the appropriate setting, then switch the keyboard layout by pressing Ctrl+number (example Ctrl+1 - in English, Ctrl+2 - in Russian), the combinations are generated automatically.

Automatically switch keyboard layout

Autoswitching is available for the following languages:
Belarusian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Russian, English, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian.
The required language is automatically detected.

Autoswitching rules

The rules of autoswitching are automatically added and removed after clicking on double Shift, when switching the keyboard layout of the last typed words.
There is also the possibility to manually edit the rules using the window below.

The list of the languages to auto-switch

In the settings you can to specify specific input languages, which will operate auto switch keyboard layout


The spell check works in any application where you can highlight the text.
By default. if no errors are found, the window will close itself after a few seconds, this feature can be disabled in settings.


Select the text and press the shortcut keys below
Ctrl+F7 — spell checking for selected text
F7 — spell checking in the main window

SmartClick - functions for working with text with your mouse

With SmartClick possible:

  • copy and paste text
  • to change the case of letters
  • check spelling
  • Call search
  • To translate the text
  • To create a letter in the mail program
  • To access the clipboard history
  • To open the diary
  • To access the translation history
  • To access the history of autoreplacements

To invoke, select text and double-click the middle mouse button.


The clipboard manager

The clipboard manager allows you to keep a history of copied text in three formats: text, html and rtf.

The main window of the clipboard manager

In this window you can copy the text with formatting and without it, and also break any text by the newline character or the space.
The resulting text is also added to the story.

Also by clicking on Html or Rtf window will appear with the original formatting of the text.

Quick access to clipboard history

To call the quick access the clipboard history you need to press Ctrl+Alt+V or by using SmartClick.
You can copy the entry from windows with or without formatting, and paste it into any editor.

Additional features

To paste text without formatting you need to press Ctrl+Shift+V.
When using the serial insert by Ctrl+Shift+~ you can insert text from the clipboard history one after another (each subsequent insert will be the previous value from the clipboard history).

It is possible to paste text from the clipboard history by Ctrl+Shift+(number),  number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 - index of the entri in the clipboard history. To work you must enable in the settings.

View the history of the typed text in all applications

The diary can open from the main window or by right clicking on the icon in the system tray, also using SmartClick.
To open the quick access to the diary, press Ctrl+Alt+D

Quick insert the text templates by pressing the hotkey

With Autoreplace, you can define different patterns of text, which can then be inserted into any editable field, gaining a certain combination and pressing the hot key.
You can replace text by clicking on:

  • The Tab key
  • The Enter Key
  • Tab or Enter
  • Space

The indicator of the current keyboard layout

The indicator of the current keyboard layout can be the following types:

  • The text cursor in an editable field
  • The mouse cursor
  • Icon of the program as the current language flag in the system tray

The indicator can be a language flag or alphabetic name.
It is possible to adjust the transparency of the indicator and its location relative to the cursor.

Indicate the current language on the keyboard

On the keyboard using the keyboard indicators for CapsLock, NumLock and ScrollLock.
The indication of the buttons will not work. However, they will work in a normal mode, just without indication.

Program exclusions

You can specify which software will not operate some features of the program:

  • Auto Switching layouts
  • Switchinf the layout
  • Diary text input
  • Clipboard History
  • Layout indicator
  • SmartClick
  • Autoreplace

To do this, select the program from the list, click on the Add button, and if necessary, choose only those features that in the selected program will work.

Program settings

In general settings you can define the following parameters:

  • The interface language (currently only English and Russian)
  • The ability to minimize the program to system tray
  • Run program with Windows startup
  • Check for updates (you can also upgrade to beta versions)
  • The ability to store the settings in the directory run the program
  • Setting proxy server (used by default system settings)


After purchasing the PRO version to the specified address in the box will be sent a message with a key to activate.
This key and Your email address must be inserted in the appropriate fields and click Activate.

After successful activation window will look like this

Transferring the license to a different computer

If you want to use the program on a new computer or reinstalled the system, then you need to simply insert the activation key and email into the corresponding field and click on the Activate button, deactivation and activation will occur automatically