History of changes

What has changed in the new version

5.0.0 07/08/2019
  • Added text recognition (OCR)
  • Added sub window when selecting text in SmartClick
  • Added new features for framing text, you can use any characters
  • Fixed translator
  • Fixed loss of focus when opening the clipboard manager, diary, translator and snippets forms
  • Fixed problem with mouse when enabled SmartClick
  • Fixed pasting text from clipboard manager
  • Fixed switching layouts
  • Many other fixes and improvements
4.2.2 28/05/2019
  • Fixed crash program when opening
  • Changed colors for layout indicator
  • Fixed Italian localization
  • Fixed speed of opening program settings
  • Fixed auto-update
4.2.0 23/05/2019
  • Fixed layout switching
  • Fixed clipboard manager 
  • Added button to change languages in the translator
  • Added Italian and Ukrainian translation of the program interface
  • When creating and editing a snippet made a convenient mechanism for adding existing tags
  • Added the ability to select a set of keys to replace the text in the spell check window
  • Added various colors to the text indicator of the current keyboard layout
  • Added search in snippets
  • Many bugs fixed
4.1.1 26/03/2019
  • Fixed crash bug when opening settings
4.1.0 26/03/2019
  • Added new translation service Multillect
  • Fixed auto-switch layout for one and two letter words
  • Fixed search in snippets
  • Added setting to turn off saving images in the clipboard manager
  • Added setting in programs-exclusion for turning off saving images in the clipboard manager
  • Added the ability to close the translator window by pressing Esc
  • Added the ability to select all objects in the quick access window by Ctrl+A
4.0.1 13/03/2019
  • Fixed auto-switch layout
  • Fixed spelling check while typing
4.0.0 12/03/2019
  • Added support for images in the Clipboard manager
  • Added function to disable the program by hot key and from the SystemTray menu
  • Changed the appearance of the main window
  • The function of switching the layout has become PRO
  • Spelling check while typing now FREE
  • Fixed switching layout when the first letter was not changed
  • Optimized the work of auto-switching layouts
  • Added the ability to assign keys to switch keyboard layout to a specific language
  • Changed exception system for language pairs in layout switching
  • When checking the spelling of typed text, the F1...F12 keys are replaced to 1...9
  • Trial period extended to 40 days
3.4.0 03/12/2018
  • Fixed Google Translator
  • Optimization of snippets
3.3.0 12/10/2018
  • Added French localization
  • Added welcome window (appears when you first start or through the "About" menu)
  • Improvements in the window of viewing the clipboard and diary
3.2.0 26/09/2018
  • Added the ability to change the case of the first character in a word
  • Automatic switching of layout when pausing in typing
3.1.1 20/09/2018
  • Fixed bug when translating text via Google Translate
3.1.0 19/09/2018
  • Added the function of correcting the erroneous pressing CapsLock
  • Added the ability to convert text to CamelCase style to text Converter
  • A search field has been added to the quick access windows of the clipboard manager and diary
  • Fixes for layout switching
3.0.0 13/08/2018


  • Redesigned system for assigning hot keys for all functions
  • Added the ability to set additional mouse keys as hot keys
  • Added the ability to save the data file at the selected path
  • Added the ability to change visual themes, dark and light theme, a variety of colors
  • Added Help button to each settings section
  • Added a button to delete all settings and program data (Settings - About - Reset all program settings) 


  • Added new languages
  • Added the ability to close the translator window using the Esc button
  • Added the ability to select translation languages in the translator window
  • Added a button that opens the source translation site with the current text
  • Fixed working with Google Transalte and Bing Translator services 

Spell checker

  • Added the ability to close the spell check window by pressing Esc
  • Added the ability to check the spelling of the entered text (only windows 8 and above)
  • Added the ability to change the sound spell check of the input text 

Switching of keyboard layout

  • Added the ability to leave the text selected after changing the keyboard layout for the selected text
  • Added the ability to change the sound of switching layouts
  • Fixed switching of keyboard layout for MS Office, Steam and Adobe
  • Fixed switching of keyboard layout for certain languages using IME
  • Fixed last word layout switching operation when more than two languages are installed
  • Improved layout switching algorithm
  • The function of changing the case of selected text has been moved to the section "Text converter" 

Auto-switch layout

  • Auto-switch layout function is now only in PRO version
  • New ability to add auto-switching rules only after confirmation (a window pops up next to the word you enter with the proposal to create a new rule)
  • Added the ability to change the number of manual switch layout of the word to automatically add to the rules
  • Improved algorithm for auto-switching layouts 

Layout Indicator

  • Added the status indicator of the CapsLock key
  • Added a new floating window - the indicator of the layout
  • Added ability to change the size of the indicator of the layout
  • Added the ability to hide the layout indicator in programs running in full-screen mode 

Clipboard manager

  • Added the function to save clipboard history window size
  • Added filter by the programs in the clipboard manager in the main window
  • Fixes the work of the clipboard manager 


  • The new function Snippets instead of Autoreplace, with the ability to specify tags and template names, as well as new forms for editing, viewing and pasting.
  • Added the ability to replace text immediately when entering a replacement word
  • Added function to save the size of the Snippets window 


  • New SmartClick window view and hotkey settings
  • Added new features and functionality (see Help)
  • When you select a link and open the SmartClick window, you can generate short links and Vice versa
  • Fixed the work of SmartClick when selecting text with a triple mouse click
  • Added the ability to translate a site on a dedicated link 


  • Added the ability to set a password for the Diary
  • Added the ability to change the number of entries
  • Added filter by programs in the diary in the main window
  • Added function to save window size 

Text Converter

  • The converter works for selected text using hot keys or SmartClick
  • Added converter of numbers and dates to strings, evaluation of expressions
  • Added the ability to transliterate the selected text, works with any language
  • Added the ability to frame the selected text with quotes
  • Added changing the case of selected text (all to upper case, all to lower case, inverting case) 
2.18.6 05/02/2018
  • Fixed error switching layout when working with more than two languages
2.18.4 29/12/2017
  • Bug Fixes
2.18.3 24/11/2017
  • Fixed transparency setting of the input language indicator
2.18.2 08/11/2017
  • Fixed crash of the program
2.18.0 07/11/2017
  • Fixed hotkey settings
  • Fixed viewing of RTF format in clipboard history
  • Reduced memory consumption and improved performance
  • Fixed a program with diacritical marks
  • Added the ability to run the application as an administrator (configured in the main settings when the program is started as administrator)
  • Added the ability to select the text in the clipboard history, history of translations and a diary with subsequent copying snippets of text
  • Auto-switching fixed for words beginning with quotes
  • Added the ability to insert text by pressing the number key from the quick access to the history of the clipboard, diary and AutoCorrect
  • Added the ability to select the languages ​​to switch the layout
  • Added a column with rules for all layouts to the list of auto-switching rules
  • Added the ability to specify the maximum size of the clipboard history
  • When you copy a file in the clipboard history is saved the path to it which you can paste using the shortcut keys to insert text without formatting
  • Redesigned window for quick access to the history of the clipboard, diary, AutoCorrect, added the ability to lock a window so it does not close, added a button to enter the settings, also the window now never takes a focus
  • New function added - the conversion of numbers and dates to strings depending on the current layout, added ability to calculate mathematical expressions.
  • Fixed many bugs, optimized some functions
2.17.0 20/07/2017
  • Added the ability to insert text by pressing the number key from the quick access to the history of the clipboard, diary and AutoCorrect
  • Added ability to set the AutoCorrect feature to exclude
  • Added ability to save in the diary of one-word sentences
  • Added the ability to set the cursor position in AutoCorrect
  • Added the ability to set a parameter when inserting text from the clipboard history will not affect to the current value in the system clipboard
  • Fixed a bug of moving the current text cursor to a row down while navigating the quick access window
  • Fixed auto-switching and switching layout of selected text when more than two languages ​​are installed
  • Correction of switching layouts using Caps-Lock
2.16.4 04/07/2017
  • Added the button for opening the main window in the quick translation window
  • The bug fixing
2.16.0 11/05/2017
  • Added the ability to disable the automatic addition of auto-switching rules for one-letter words
  • Added search for auto-switching rules
  • Added date field to the clipboard history and diary tables
  • Improved work with the clipboard
  • Fixed a bug in changing the keyboard case when switching layouts
2.15.10 18/04/2017
  • Fixed saving of settings
2.15.9 03/04/2017
  • Fixed bug with keyboard shortcuts where the Shift key is included
2.15.8 03/04/2017
  • Fixed activation loss
  • Fixed voice of the translation text
  • Fixed stuck down of the Shift key in some cases
  • Fixed selecting languages ​​for auto-switching
  • Fixed bug with saving settings
2.15.4 24/03/2017
  • Fixed bug activation PRO
2.15.3 23/03/2017
  • Fixed bug activation PRO
  • Fixed bug when working with the quick access window  to clipboard history, diary and AutoCorrect 
2.15 21/03/2017
  • New licensing system
  • Fixed positioning on the screen of translater and spellchecking pop-up windows 
  • Added the ability to copy all selected lines in the clipboard manager in the main window
  • Fixed hot keys in autoreplacer
  • Window quick access to clipboard history, diary, AutoCorrect now does not take focus
2.14 18/01/2017
  • Fixed paste text in Autoreplace
  • Fixed Bing translation 
  • Fixed a bug with pressing the shift key when you switch layouts
  • Fixed the problem of conversion of the text when switching layout in some applications
2.13 11/01/2017
  • Fixes auto-switch layout
  • Fixed the clipboard manager
  • Fixed SmartClick
2.12.0 19/12/2016
  • Fixed some issues for auto-switch layout
  • Added Turkish language for auto-switch layout
2.11.0 17/11/2016
  • Fixed some issues when switching layouts
  • Added Hebrew to auto-switch layout
2.10.0 07/11/2016
  • Optimization of the switching layouts
  • Added the ability to specify a new hot key for the AutoReplace
  • Fixed changing the layout of the selected text by selection with Ctrl+Left and Ctrl+Right
  • Fixed turn off of auto-switch layout function
  • Fixed incorrect work of the program in console applications on Windows 10
2.9.6 12/09/2016
  • Changes in the auto-switch layout
2.9.4 02/09/2016
  • Fixed the keystrokes emulator when you switch layouts last words for uppercase letters
2.9.3 01/09/2016
  • Updated layout switching function
  • Paste the text from the application is now through the clipboard
  • New copy and paste text function using the mouse keys
  • Corrections programs-exclusion to work with apps from the Windows Store
  • Fixed a bug when switching layouts in windows 10
  • Added the ability to add all executable files to the programs-exclusion found in the folder you selected
  • Fixed the translation window position when more than one monitor
2.9.0 22/06/2016
  • Fixed periodic shutdown operation of some hot keys and function switch layouts
  • Improvements of the layout indicator
  • Fixed a bug when switching layouts in Word 2016 
  • Fixed the behavior for automatic layout switching
  • Fixed the freezing UI when opening the settings
  • Updated the emulation method of keyboard keys
  • Added the ability from the window of the quick view history of clipboard to add a new phrase to autoreplacer
2.8.3 20/05/2016
  • Fixed Text to speech synthesis
2.8.2 12/05/2016
  • Fixed Google Translate service
2.8.1 11/05/2016
  • Fixed bug when saving values ​​with long text in the Autoreplace
  • Fixed clipboard manager
  • Fixed switching layout in Windows 10
2.8.0 06/05/2016
  • Fixed translation services Yandex and Bing
  • Fixed bug when re-hotkey
  • Corrections in the programs exclusions when working with the app from the Windows Store
  • A new method of switching keyboard layout for Windows 10
2.7.0 13/04/2016
  • Fixed setting program exclusions
  • Fixed SmartClick in Chrome 
  • Fixed the switching keyboard layout and indicator of the current input language in console application
  • Improved switching of the keyboard layout for selected text
  • Improved the algorithm of auto-switch layout rules
  • A new mechanism for the insertion of text from the clipboard history by the index in the list (Ctrl+Shift+number, number - the recording position in the history list), enable it in the settings
  • New method to switch to a specific keyboard layout by pressing Ctrl+number (example Ctrl+1 - in English, Ctrl+2 - in Russian), the combinations are generated automatically. Enable it in the settings.
  • When you insert text from the quick access the clipboard, the value is copied to the clipboard
  • Added the ability to specify specific input languages, which will operate auto switch keyboard layout
  • Added the full text search with filtering in the diary, clipboard history and the history of translation
  • Added tooltip window when entering text for the autoreplace function (enabled in the settings)
  • Updated rules for auto-switch layout for a single character
2.6.1 11/03/2016
  • Fixed Yandex translation service
  • Added the ability to hide the program by clicking on the icon in the system tray and pressing the Win+Insert
2.6.0 09/02/2016
  • Added ability to switch the keyboard layout for the selected text by double-clicking on the Shift key or by pressing the Break
  • Fixed the problem in auto switching layouts if the option "Do not correct if all the letters in the word uppercase" is enabled
  • Fixed various bugs that could affect the operation of functions auto switching and switching layout
  • Added the ability to cut the selected text in the main window
  • Fixed application crash when the clipboard manager is on
  • Fixed bug in switching layout. When you switched layout for the word, could be added extra characters
  • Fixed display of programs in the diary
  • SmartClick now closes when you press any key on the keyboard, focus is passed to the previous window
  • Fixed a bug that could affect the opening of the SmartClick, the translator by double click on the Ctrl key and spell checking window
  • In the program exclusions added new functions to lock, also added the ability to add executable file in the folder of the program
  • In the fast access to the clipboard history (Ctrl+Alt+V), diary (Ctrl+Alt+D), autoreplace (Ctrl+Alt+A), the history of translations and spell check window added the ability to navigate through the items using the up and down buttons, also you can paste the text from the selected item into editable field by pressing the Enter key and by pressing Ctrl+C you can copy the text to the clipboard
  • In all the lists present in the program adds the ability to search starting from the beginning of the line (example: Open the clipboard history and start typing the phrase with the keyboard, the item text begins with this phrase, stand out)
  • Fixed a bug when not work SmartClick and the layout indicator after out of sleep mode
  • Added the ability to purchase licenses without expiration date
2.5.0 25/12/2015
  • Added encryption of all the data stored in the program
  • Fixed crash of the application when working with the command line
  • Fixed translation from Google
  • Fixed bug arising when using serial paste text from the clipboard
2.4.2 10/12/2015

Fixed high CPU load

2.4.1 10/12/2015
  • Fix Break key
  • Added the ability to update the application to beta versions
  • A new algorithm of switching the layout for the entire row by the Insert key
2.4.0 07/12/2015
  • A new mechanism for switching the layout depending on the version of Windows
  • Added password recovery function to license PRO version
  • Added function to translate the text immediately after selecting
  • Added the ability to change the font for the translation windows
  • Added the ability to auto-switch layout after pressing the Enter button
  • Added the ability to remove all selected entries from the list of auto-switching and AutoCorrect
  • AutoCorrect can consider the case of the letters
  • Fixed loss of focus when you change the layout or case of the selected text when renaming files
  • Changed the mechanism of the auto switching layouts
  • Fixed behavior when switching of layouts on Ctrl, Shift, etc.
  • Changed the method of obtaining the coordinates of the mouse pointer in the layout indicator
  • Changed the method of getting selected text
  • Changed the function clipboard monitoring
  • Fixed auto switching layouts after Backspace
2.3.2 26/10/2015

Corrections in the translated text for Google and Yandex

2.3.1 07/10/2015

Fix crash the application when translating and spellcheck text

2.3.0 05/10/2015
  • Added AutoCorrect text template to complete the phrase
  • Added the ability to edit rules for switching language
  • The clipboard Manager can now work with RTF and HTML format
  • Multiple paste text from the clipboard history (in a small window clipboard Manager (ctrl+alt+v) you can select multiple rows and click on the replace or copy)
  • Serial pasting from the clipboard history, clicking on ctrl+shift+~ will be consistently inserted the text from the history buffer one by one for the current window.
  • Split the text in the clipboard history on whitespace and newline character (in the main window to the clipboard history you should click the right mouse button on the text and select)
  • Added the ability to define coordinates position of the input language indicators
  • Corrections in the translated text for Google and Yandex
  • Various fixes and improvements
2.2.8 09/09/2015
  • Bugfix re-activate the license
  • Updated the behavior of the spell checker
  • Added a tooltip to the quick access the clipboard, diary and history of translation
2.2.7 04/09/2015
  • Fixed switching layout by the right and left Ctrl
  • Fixed periodic program crashes when you exit it
  • Fixed update of the program, if there are custom proxy settings
2.2.6 31/08/2015
  • Automatically add rules to auto-switch layout
  • The ability to fix the two capital letters at the beginning of words
  • Added ability to disable the auto-switching, if all the letters in a word uppercase
  • Correction of the display of the current input language
  • Correction of switch layouts
2.2.5 21/08/2015

Fix crash application when switch layout is enabled

2.2.4 19/08/2015
  • Adding exclusion from the list of programs
  • In the system tray menu, added the ability to disable the switch layout
  • Added rules to auto-switch
  • Various fixes and improvements
2.2.3 17/08/2015
  • A new mechanism for switching keyboard layouts
  • Auto switch keyboard layout included in the free package
  • Corrected the display of the current input language, it’s part of a paid package
  • Various fixes and improvements
2.2.2 07/08/2015
  • Fixed a bug switch layouts for some programs
  • Corrections for translation services
  • New languages ​​for the translation service Yandex
2.2.1 06/08/2015
  • Fixed switching layout of the keys Ctrl and Shift
  • Fixed sticky keys
2.2.0 05/08/2015
  • Fixed run the application in Windows 10
  • Fixed saving the application settings in Windows 10
  • Fixed switching layout in some applications in Windows 10
  • Fixed translation Yandex
  • The quick access to the clipboard, diaries and stories translation
  • New features SmartClick
  • Automatic updates
  • Memory optimization
2.0.1 27/07/2015
  • Fixed Google translation
  • Various enhancements
2.0.0 21/07/2015
  • Auto switch keyboard layout
  • The history of translation
  • The history of the text input
  • Monitor the clipboard and the ability to paste text without formatting
  • Function SmartClick
  • The sound when switching language
  • Voice of the translated text and the original text
  • Automatic updates for Portable version
  • The PRO version, which when activated are available auto switch, clipboard, diary, and history of translation
1.6.0 28/05/2015
  • Added additional buttons for switching the current input language
  • Added the ability to show the current language in the system tray
  • Various enhancements
1.5.0 19/05/2015
  • Added the ability to save settings in the program folder for the portable version
  • The indicator of the current language in the text cursor now works in two modes
1.4.4 31/03/2015
  • Removed the cause of cyclic restart
  • Various enhancements
1.4.3 31/03/2015
  • Changed storage technology application settings
  • Increased application stability, has built-in protection against possible falls
  • Changed the logic of the indicator of the current language in a text cursor
  • Various enhancements
1.4.2 17/03/2015
  • The new behavior of the indicator of the current language in a text cursor
  • Fix crash when updating
  • Slightly changed the size of icons in the translation box
1.4.1 12/03/2015
  • Changed the behavior of the window of action, as well as its appearance
  • Small fixes in the translation from Google
  • Not display a title in the main window
1.4.0 11/03/2015
  • Voice of the translated text by pressing F5 or button
  • In the translation window on Ctrl+Tab the selected text is replaced with the translated
  • The translated text in Latin for the Goggle translation
  • Check for updates for portable version
  • New alerts
  • If the source language and the target, for example Russian, google has defined it as Bulgarian, fixed it
  • Fixed the replacement of the selected text, if the translation is invoked from the window of action
1.3.2 20/02/2015

Fixed sticky the Ctrl key

1.3.1 20/02/2015
  • Use LShift+RShift to change the capitals mode on/off when using CapsLock to change keyboard locales
  • Fixed switching the keyboard layout by CapsLock
  • Fixed switching the keyboard layout for the last input words for working anywhere
1.3.0 17/02/2015
  • Transparency for the character language indicator
  • Decrease font for the character language indicator
  • Switching layout by keys CapsLock, right Ctrl or right Shift
  • Remove the close and restore buttons from the main window
  • Switching layout for the selected text with the same keys as for switching the layout of the last word, for example break
  • Minimize to tray on startup, if enabled in the settings
  • Display the current layout on the keyboard LED
  • Remove window from Alt+Tab menu
  • Fixed behavior by double pressing on the Ctrl key
  • Removed the delay in obtaining the selected text
  • Various enhancements
1.2.0 02/02/2015
  • Language indicator on the text caret and mouse cursor, can be indicated with text or national flag icon
  • Added new languages for translation
  • Added close button on the spellchecking window
  • Fixed replacing text after translation
1.0.2 15/01/2015

Various enhancements

1.0.1 14/01/2015

Fixed spellchecking

1.0.0 31/12/2014
  • Added switching the keyboard layout
  • Added action window for the middle mouse button
  • Added status flag of keyboard layout for the mouse cursor
  • New hotkeys
  • New setting menu
  • Various enhancements
0.6.2 30/05/2014
  • Error when checking updates
  • Fixed Bing translation
0.6.0 27/05/2014
  • Added spell check for the selected text and of the text in the main window
  • formating text
  • problems with clipboard
0.5.0 05/03/2014
  • Localization without restart
  • Twice pressing on the Ctrl key for translating selected text
  • Any shortcuts keyboard
  • Yandex and Google dictionaries
  • Portable application now in one exe file
  • Various enhancements
0.4.3 03/03/2014
  • Initial release for Windows