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History of changes

5.7.0 12/03/2021
  • Added automatic closing of the SmartClick window
  • Added the ability to disable all functions in the full-screen app
  • Added the ability to edit exclusion
  • Added the PROMT translator
  • In the main window, the translation now works after paste text from the clipboard
  • Fixed correction CapsLock if the program is in exclusion
  • Fixed the function of changing the case of the first letter
  • Fixed an issue where switching the layout does not work after pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete
  • Fixed the Greek language for auto-switching the layout
5.6.2 08/12/2020
  • Fixed activation of the trial period
5.6.1 03/12/2020
  • Fixed Google translator
5.6.0 24/11/2020
  • Added the ability to add selected text to snippets
  • Added the ability to set the language for switching layouts when inserting a snippet
  • Added the ability to switch automatically the keyboard layout only after typing the whole word
  • Added the ability to add to exclusions by window title
  • Improved text recognition function
  • Translator fixes
5.5.6 14/10/2020
  • Fixed license verification
  • Fixed spell check
  • Added license information
5.5.5 03/09/2020
  • Fixed an error when initializing spell checking when typing text
  • Fixed area selection in text recognition
  • Added grouping by day in clipboard and diary
5.5.3 27/07/2020
  • Fixed switching of keyboard layout
  • Improved the work of the Bing translator
5.5.2 23/07/2020
  • Fixed error when activating the program
  • Fixed an error when starting the program
  • Improved the work of the diary
5.5.1 30/06/2020
  • Fixed setting to enable auto switch layout
5.5.0 29/06/2020
  • Added the ability to select layout switching methods
  • Added the ability to switch the layout by right clicking on the layout indicator
  • In the small window SmartClick added a display of the number of selected characters
  • Fixed an error when assigning the ScrollLock key
  • Fixed errors that caused the program to crash

5.4.2 11/06/2020
  • License agreement updated
5.4.1 08/06/2020
  • Fixed spell check
5.4.0 04/06/2020
  • Fixed a bug when the program starts
  • Fixed snipping for OCR
  • Fixed spell checking
  • Improved SmartClick function, added text insertion button
  • Fixed Yandex translator
  • Fixed Bing translator
  • The Multilect translator has been removed
  • Improved layout switching
  • Removed the function of copying and pasting text from the clipboard using mouse buttons
  • Added the ability to add replacement text starting with a space in the Snippets
  • Fixed bug when saving the clipboard
  • Fixed a problem with autorun of the program
  • Fixed an issue when assigning the left Ctrl as a hotkey
  • Added transliteration of text from Latin to Russian
  • Fixed switching of keyboard layout for the German language
  • Added the ability to select functions in SmartClick
  • Added the ability to turn on sound when copying
  • Added the ability to manually sort Snippet
5.3.0 27/11/2019
  • Added new language localization - Portuguese
  • Added the function to search and replace text in selected text
  • Added a function to disable switching the keyboard layout if the keyboard layout was change manuall
  • Improved the function of framing selected text 
  • Changed feature short link now links are created by using tinyurl service, and the reverse conversion is supported for multiple services (goo.gl, tunyurl, bit.ly etc.)
  • Search shortcut window (clipboard, diary snippets) as you press Tab instead of the F3
  • Fixed Bing translation service
  • Fixed loss of punctuation, a translator from Yandex
5.2.0 21/10/2019
  • Added list of all hotkeys in settings
  • Improved layout switching mechanism
  • Improved stability of the program
5.1.0 25/09/2019
  • Fixed snipping for OCR
  • Fixed a problem adding the Windows Store programs as an exclusion
  • Fixed problem setting hotkeys
  • Fixed a problem pasting text in some languages
  • Fixed problem launching a second instance of the program
  • Many other fixes and improvements
5.0.0 07/08/2019
  • Added text recognition (OCR)
  • Added sub window when selecting text in SmartClick
  • Added new features for framing text, you can use any characters
  • Fixed translator
  • Fixed loss of focus when opening the clipboard manager, diary, translator and snippets forms
  • Fixed problem with mouse when enabled SmartClick
  • Fixed pasting text from clipboard manager
  • Fixed switching layouts
  • Many other fixes and improvements
4.2.2 28/05/2019
  • Fixed crash program when opening
  • Changed colors for layout indicator
  • Fixed Italian localization
  • Fixed speed of opening program settings
  • Fixed auto-update
4.2.0 23/05/2019
  • Fixed layout switching
  • Fixed clipboard manager 
  • Added button to change languages in the translator
  • Added Italian and Ukrainian translation of the program interface
  • When creating and editing a snippet made a convenient mechanism for adding existing tags
  • Added the ability to select a set of keys to replace the text in the spell check window
  • Added various colors to the text indicator of the current keyboard layout
  • Added search in snippets
  • Many bugs fixed
4.1.0 26/03/2019
  • Added new translation service Multillect
  • Fixed auto-switch layout for one and two letter words
  • Fixed search in snippets
  • Added setting to turn off saving images in the clipboard manager
  • Added setting in programs-exclusion for turning off saving images in the clipboard manager
  • Added the ability to close the translator window by pressing Esc
  • Added the ability to select all objects in the quick access window by Ctrl+A
4.0.0 12/03/2019
  • Added support for images in the Clipboard manager
  • Added function to disable the program by hot key and from the SystemTray menu
  • Changed the appearance of the main window
  • The function of switching the layout has become PRO
  • Spelling check while typing now FREE
  • Fixed switching layout when the first letter was not changed
  • Optimized the work of auto-switching layouts
  • Added the ability to assign keys to switch keyboard layout to a specific language
  • Changed exception system for language pairs in layout switching
  • When checking the spelling of typed text, the F1...F12 keys are replaced to 1...9
  • Trial period extended to 40 days
3.0.0 13/08/2018


  • Redesigned system for assigning hot keys for all functions
  • Added the ability to set additional mouse keys as hot keys
  • Added the ability to save the data file at the selected path
  • Added the ability to change visual themes, dark and light theme, a variety of colors
  • Added Help button to each settings section
  • Added a button to delete all settings and program data (Settings - About - Reset all program settings) 


  • Added new languages
  • Added the ability to close the translator window using the Esc button
  • Added the ability to select translation languages in the translator window
  • Added a button that opens the source translation site with the current text
  • Fixed working with Google Transalte and Bing Translator services 

Spell checker

  • Added the ability to close the spell check window by pressing Esc
  • Added the ability to check the spelling of the entered text (only windows 8 and above)
  • Added the ability to change the sound spell check of the input text 

Switching of keyboard layout

  • Added the ability to leave the text selected after changing the keyboard layout for the selected text
  • Added the ability to change the sound of switching layouts
  • Fixed switching of keyboard layout for MS Office, Steam and Adobe
  • Fixed switching of keyboard layout for certain languages using IME
  • Fixed last word layout switching operation when more than two languages are installed
  • Improved layout switching algorithm
  • The function of changing the case of selected text has been moved to the section "Text converter" 

Auto-switch layout

  • Auto-switch layout function is now only in PRO version
  • New ability to add auto-switching rules only after confirmation (a window pops up next to the word you enter with the proposal to create a new rule)
  • Added the ability to change the number of manual switch layout of the word to automatically add to the rules
  • Improved algorithm for auto-switching layouts 

Layout Indicator

  • Added the status indicator of the CapsLock key
  • Added a new floating window - the indicator of the layout
  • Added ability to change the size of the indicator of the layout
  • Added the ability to hide the layout indicator in programs running in full-screen mode 

Clipboard manager

  • Added the function to save clipboard history window size
  • Added filter by the programs in the clipboard manager in the main window
  • Fixes the work of the clipboard manager 


  • The new function Snippets instead of Autoreplace, with the ability to specify tags and template names, as well as new forms for editing, viewing and pasting.
  • Added the ability to replace text immediately when entering a replacement word
  • Added function to save the size of the Snippets window 


  • New SmartClick window view and hotkey settings
  • Added new features and functionality (see Help)
  • When you select a link and open the SmartClick window, you can generate short links and Vice versa
  • Fixed the work of SmartClick when selecting text with a triple mouse click
  • Added the ability to translate a site on a dedicated link 


  • Added the ability to set a password for the Diary
  • Added the ability to change the number of entries
  • Added filter by programs in the diary in the main window
  • Added function to save window size 

Text Converter

  • The converter works for selected text using hot keys or SmartClick
  • Added converter of numbers and dates to strings, evaluation of expressions
  • Added the ability to transliterate the selected text, works with any language
  • Added the ability to frame the selected text with quotes
  • Added changing the case of selected text (all to upper case, all to lower case, inverting case) 
2.4.0 07/12/2015
  • A new mechanism for switching the layout depending on the version of Windows
  • Added password recovery function to license PRO version
  • Added function to translate the text immediately after selecting
  • Added the ability to change the font for the translation windows
  • Added the ability to auto-switch layout after pressing the Enter button
  • Added the ability to remove all selected entries from the list of auto-switching and AutoCorrect
  • AutoCorrect can consider the case of the letters
  • Fixed loss of focus when you change the layout or case of the selected text when renaming files
  • Changed the mechanism of the auto switching layouts
  • Fixed behavior when switching of layouts on Ctrl, Shift, etc.
  • Changed the method of obtaining the coordinates of the mouse pointer in the layout indicator
  • Changed the method of getting selected text
  • Changed the function clipboard monitoring
  • Fixed auto switching layouts after Backspace
2.18.0 07/11/2017
  • Fixed hotkey settings
  • Fixed viewing of RTF format in clipboard history
  • Reduced memory consumption and improved performance
  • Fixed a program with diacritical marks
  • Added the ability to run the application as an administrator (configured in the main settings when the program is started as administrator)
  • Added the ability to select the text in the clipboard history, history of translations and a diary with subsequent copying snippets of text
  • Auto-switching fixed for words beginning with quotes
  • Added the ability to insert text by pressing the number key from the quick access to the history of the clipboard, diary and AutoCorrect
  • Added the ability to select the languages to switch the layout
  • Added a column with rules for all layouts to the list of auto-switching rules
  • Added the ability to specify the maximum size of the clipboard history
  • When you copy a file in the clipboard history is saved the path to it which you can paste using the shortcut keys to insert text without formatting
  • Redesigned window for quick access to the history of the clipboard, diary, AutoCorrect, added the ability to lock a window so it does not close, added a button to enter the settings, also the window now never takes a focus
  • New function added - the conversion of numbers and dates to strings depending on the current layout, added ability to calculate mathematical expressions.
  • Fixed many bugs, optimized some functions
2.10.0 07/11/2016
  • Optimization of the switching layouts
  • Added the ability to specify a new hot key for the AutoReplace
  • Fixed changing the layout of the selected text by selection with Ctrl+Left and Ctrl+Right
  • Fixed turn off of auto-switch layout function
  • Fixed incorrect work of the program in console applications on Windows 10
2.0.0 21/07/2015
  • Auto switch keyboard layout
  • The history of translation
  • The history of the text input
  • Monitor the clipboard and the ability to paste text without formatting
  • Function SmartClick
  • The sound when switching language
  • Voice of the translated text and the original text
  • Automatic updates for Portable version
  • The PRO version, which when activated are available auto switch, clipboard, diary, and history of translation
1.0.0 31/12/2014
  • Added switching the keyboard layout
  • Added action window for the middle mouse button
  • Added status flag of keyboard layout for the mouse cursor
  • New hotkeys
  • New setting menu
  • Various enhancements
0.4.3 03/03/2014

Initial release for Windows