EveryLang makes working with text easier and faster

Translate and spell check the text, switch and indicate of the current keyboard layout, view clipboard history, use text snippets and many more

What We Can Do?

Translate and spell check the text

Text translation

Translates text by using online translation services Google, Microsoft and Yandex, supports more than 100 languages

Spell check the text

Works with languages ​​- Russian, Ukrainian, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Brazilian.

Switches and displays the current keyboard layout

Layout switching

Switching the layout of the last entered word or selected text will allow you not to erase the text written on the wrong layout

Auto switching

Using auto-switch layout you do not need to follow the current keyboard layout, it will switch itself depending on the entered word

Layout indicator

The indicator shows the current keyboard layout near the text cursor and the mouse cursor, as well as in the form of a separate pop-up window

Clipboard and text entry history, text snippets

Clipboard history

Clipboard manager keeps the clipboard history that you can use to paste any saved fragment again.

Text entry diary

View the history of typed text in all applications. Your typed text is stored in the application memory.

Text snippets

Inserts pre-defined texts with saved caret position into any text field at the press of a hotkeys.

SmartClick, Text converter, OCR (optical character recognition)


The most essential functions for working with text with the mouse. you can copy the text, translate, check spelling, change case, open clipboard history and snippets list, etc.

Text converter

Converter consists: calculating expressions, numbers and dates into strings, transliteration text, text framing with quotes, CamelCase style, changing the case of the selected text


The program has the function of recognizing text from an image, a PDF file or a selected area of ​​the screen, this allows you to quickly copy text from an image or translate it.