New beta

New beta version of the program

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What's new

  • Completely new program interface
  • Many functions have been redesigned
  • Ability to change the font for the whole program
  • The speed of the translator has increased
  • You can set favorite languages for the translator
  • In the spell checker, when typing, you can return to the word with the error by pressing the Left Arrow key
  • In the OCR function you can edit a screenshot
  • Many other changes and improvements

Version 5.9.4  14.09.2023

  • SmartClick has added the ability to control the Left, Right, Up and Down buttons
  • Closing the snippets editor window by pressing Esc and Enter
  • Added indexes for quick access windows in clipboard history, diary and templates
  • Added the ability to cancel the current typed combination of entered characters by pressing Esc and simultaneously pressing the Left and Right keys
  • Added the ability to sort by date and data type in clipboard history and diary
  • When checking spelling while typing, quick insertion of correction by the Insert key, addition to the exception by the Delete key
  • Fixed the display of the Czech flag in the layout indicator
  • Fixed the search in the quick access window for templates
  • Fixed saving when changing data in the template editor
  • Fixed a bug when clicking on the Snippets button in SmartClick
  • Improved the work of inserting template text

Version 5.9.3 08/29/2023

  • Added ability to show only favorite languages in the translator
  • Added ability to change the order of functions in the main window
  • Fixed program update function
  • Fixed possibility of automatic program start with administrator rights
  • Corrects control button activity in exclusion program settings
  • Appearance settings have been moved